How To Add Gradient To Stroke In Illustrator

How to Create and Edit Gradients in Adobe Illustrator. by Daniel so you can go from top to bottom or left to right, and you can apply the gradient either to the fill or the stroke. And if you change the Type from Linear to Radial, it will emanate from the center towards the edges (and, of course, that can also be reversed). How to Change the Colours of the Gradient. You can adjust the […]

How To Call A Method Data_slice Python

Finally we use xlrd’s row_slice method to read a portion of the row. As you can see, this last method accepts a row index and the starting and ending column indexes to determine what to return. The row_slice method returns a list of cell instances. […]

How To Clean Inside Laptop Fan Hp

18/01/2010 · This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can i go to clean the fan inside my laptop ? IM SCAAAARED? I have a HP Pavillion dv4. For the past 4 months it has started to make a constant load noise whenever i switch it on, and i suspect it has something to do with the fan inside. […]

How To Download Scrap Mechanic Mods

Tags: The Bearded Beast, TheBeardedBeast, The Bearded Beast Scrap Mechanic, Scrap Mechanic Gameplay, Scrap Mechanic Creations, Scrap Mechanic Mod, Scrap Mechanic Water Mod, Scrap Mechanic Custom Terrain, […]

Hourrepublic How To Add A Dashbaord

From the Fitbit app dashboard, tap the sleep tile. This is the tile that says "How did you sleep?" or, if you tracked sleep the night before, shows how many hours and minutes you slept. Tap the sleep log you want to edit. Tap the three dots and find the option to edit. Adjust the time you went to sleep or the time you woke up. Don't forget to save. Fitbit app for Android. From the Fitbit app […]

How To Change Nudge Icon In Hike

The theory was that many people actually wanted to put more money aside for retirement but they were put off from doing so by the need to make what they feared would be complicated decisions. […]

How To Ask Manager For Bereavement Leave

Bereavement leave gives an employee time to grieve and to take care of matters to do with the bereavement. This can be taken at any time and for any purpose relating to the death, and does not have to be taken straight away or on consecutive days. […]

How To Double Delete In Outlook 2013

outlook 2013 duplicate free download - Microsoft Outlook 2013, Outlook Duplicate Remover, Outlook Duplicate Items Remover, and many more programs Navigation open search […]

How To Add Background Music To Stream

While developing a gaming application, everyone wants to add background music to play all the time when user is playing the game. Corona sdk provides API that simply plays the music using 1 line of code. […]

How To Add Attachment To Reply Hotmail

Don't reply with an attachment to the 'e-mail' copy of the message thread. In that case: Attachments won't come through either. In case I want to be sure, that an attachment reaches the guest. […]

How To Build A Cheap Fixie

How to Paint a Fixie. Max Roman Dilthey. How to Build a NASCAR Stock Car. Contributor. How to Rebuild a Dirt Bike. Michael Cantrell - Updated April 17, 2017. Visit your local junkyard, auto auction, or dirt bike shop to purchase an old bike to rebuild and restore. The type of bike you choose to rebuild is completely up to you and your budget. Prices vary depending on the name brand of the bike […]

How To Cancel Subscription On Iphone Music

Here’s how to cancel Apple Music across your devices, including your iPhone, computer, and Android devices. Note: If you’re trying out Apple Music for the first time through the three-month […]

How To Become Super Rich In India

To get rich in your 20s, you’ll need to acquire a portfolio of assets that can create passive income for you. That’s the name of the game. That’s the name of the game. It’s important to bring this concept to the forefront of your mind. […]

How To Ask A Guy Out Online

How to Ask a Gay Guy Out By: Etch Tabor As intimidating as asking someone out may be, it is always best to have made an effort and been rejected, rather than never having tried at all. […]

Integration By Parts How To Choose U And V

Integration by Parts - Choosing u and dv Definite integrals: Z u dv = uv-Z v du Indefinite integrals: Z b a u dv = [uv] b a-Z b a v du How should you choose u and dv? Well, there is no exact science just as u -substitution is not an exact science. […]

How To Become A Cattle Buyer

20/11/2018 · If not, you can buy land on the internet. For example, you can purchase 30 or 40 acres for around $6000; it's owner-financed with no credit check, and there's a down payment of around $250 and monthly payments of around $100. The best part is that you can pay for the land while you use it. […]

How To Download Episodes From Cbc

Apple TV 4K lets you watch movies and shows in amazing 4K HDR — and now, it completes the picture with immersive sound from Dolby Atmos. 1 It streams your favourite channels live. Has great content from apps like Netflix, CBC TV and Sportsnet. 2 And thanks to Siri, you can control it all with just your voice. […]

Gigabyte How To Download Drivers

gigabyte driver free download - DL Driver Updater, GBTWMI Driver for Gigabyte GBT Support, Gigabyte GIGABYTE Wireless LAN PC Card, and many more programs […]

How To Change Brightness Windows 7

Adjust the "Brightness" setting -- it is the first control in the "Sliders" box -- by dragging the slider left (to decrease) or right (to increase). Step Click "Apply changes" and close the NVIDIA Control Panel window. […]

How To Teach A Betta Fish To Dance

Dancing usually represents joy, but understanding what "fish" means in a dream is made difficult by the fact that "fish" can symbolize many different things. Fish can suggest … sex or sexuality, in which case the dream is about joyful sexual fulfillment. […]

How To Clean Data From Hard Drive

The hard drive is responsible for storing all the data on a computer system. All your programs, documents and files are stored somewhere on the hard drive … […]

How To Clean Toddler Penis

11/05/2012 · You can wash it the same as any other body part at this point (just be gentle, obviously). You generally aren't supposed to do anything with the foreskin until at least the toddler years, but your doctor can tell you more about when to start. […]

How To Grow An Addict Download

J.A. Wright was raised in the Pacific Northwest and moved to New Zealand in 1990. She is the founder and director of the World Buskers Festival (1994-2014), … […]

How To Connect Led To Motherboard

23/02/2004 · I am building a computer with an Asus TXP4-X motherboard, which I do not know how to connect to the case. The plugs from the case are: PWR LED + (green) […]

How To Add Music To Tomtom Spark 3

The TomTom Spark Cardio + Music is a fitness tracker for just about everyone: Bicyclists, gym rats, runners, and swimmers can all record their workouts and monitor their heart rates with it. […]

How To Draw A Leopard Gecko Easy

"Happy Gecko Leopard gecko print by PawprintIllustration on Etsy" How to Draw Cartoon Cows / Farm Animals Step by Step Drawing Tutorial Cartoon Drawings Pencil Drawings How To Draw Steps Learn To Draw Cartoon Cow Drawing Tutorials Drawing Ideas Step By Step Drawing Farm Animals Learn Drawing Ideas For Drawing […]

How To Create A Network On Windows 10

To set up a Bluetooth network, you first need to establish both your computers as Bluetooth devices. Then you can link them together through wireless transmission. Your Windows operating system has all the tools needed to do this. […]

How To Become Best Buy Elite Member

To get started you will need to get a wholesale account and become a Wellness Advocate. You can be in our team no matter where you are in Australia and doTERRA is also available in many countries around the world. You can share with family members and friends overseas and still earn commission! The best part is you can help people get wholesale access to the oils as well as sell retail if you […]

How To Catch Nullpointerexception In Java

It doesn't take much Java development experience to learn firsthand what the NullPointerException is about. In fact, one person has highlighted dealing with this as the number one mistake Java … […]

How To Connect Innotab 2 To Learning Lodge Navigator

Learning Lodge access for InnoTV/StorioTV, InnoTab/Storio MAX and some other products is expected to resume in February. We are also working hard to resume the Kid Connect service as soon as we can. For full details of re-opened Learning Lodge features and supported products, please refer to the […]

How To Draw Funny Babies

So if you can draw a straight line you can draw a cartoon that will make your friends laugh. One of the best examples of letting your mind be set free when it comes to drawing is the cartoon show Family Guy. After all has anyone seen a baby with a football shaped head, of course not that was the creation of a person who sat down and started to explore the world of drawing and it turned into […]

How To Create Water Reflection In Photoshop

Water Reflections Using Displace Filter In Photoshop Water Reflections Using Displace Filter In Photoshop a compound map was used to create a realistic water reflection. We'll learn to make and apply this effect in Part 2 of this tutorial. These examples barely scratch the surface of what can be done with Displace. It truly is a powerful tool! Photoshop does ship with a dozen or so maps […]

How To Delete A Password Off Your Router

I had to call Linksys to fix my router connection, so that person set up a new connection and a password, but she did not delete the other connection that the router was first running off of. Somehow that router connection (on the other pc) started to allow connection without a password, even though I did not remove the password, I honestly don't know how it happened. Now I am able to connect […]

How To Draw Closed Eyelashes

How To Draw Eyelashes Eyelashes Drawing How To Draw Eyes Long Eyelashes How To Draw Hair Permanent Eyelashes Drawing Tips Drawing Reference Drawing Techniques Forward Some people’s eyelashes appear very thick, dark, and long, especially if they are wearing mascara. […]

How To Break Up With Someone Who Deo

24/05/2014 · Do not cut them off without explanation. Do not threaten to break up in attempt to control them. Absolutely, categorically, do not have sex with them or be emotionally intimate with them after the […]

How To Draw A Triple Beam Balance

The first type is the triple beam balance. This balances uses a series of counter weights to determine the weight of the sample that is placed on a weighing pan. This is the least accurate of the balances that are available for sample weighing, because a triple beam balance can only measure to the ones place (no decimal measurement). […]

Ipad How To Change Name

Change name in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is very useful for iDevice users, when you got gift, used (Second hand) iPhone, iPad and iPodtouch. […]

How To Add Onvif Camera With Vlc

From the Main Menu Select Camera. 2. Select Manual add. 3. You can select the brand of the third party camera or ONVIF. If brand is not listed, you will need to set the IP camera to the ONVIF protocol from the camera itself if it is available as an option. 4. Enter the IP address of the 3rd party camera. 5. Default ports are RTSP port 554 and HTTP Port 80. It is possible the third party camera […]

Diablo 3 How To Change Damage Numbers

This bonus does not apply to classic Diablo 2. Player setting Damage & AR Bonus 1 For example, if you're playing with 2 friends a multiplayer game via TCP/IP, you can only choose a number equal or greater than 3. All other commands will be ignored. The Players X Command only simulates unpartied players. (Important for drop mechanics as explained above) Note that the Players X command doesn […]

How To Keep White Shoes Clean Reddit

Because of the quality and reliability of mesh white shoes, you need to keep it clean and spotless all the time. The efficiency and durability of mesh shoes makes some … […]

How To Call A Variable From Another Class In Java

Well, thank you Jerbo and Jwenting for your ideas. But it seems that none of you understood my problem. Yes I know that you have to create an object of a class in order to access any variable if it is not private and same for any method of that class. […]

How To Downlaod Corel Video Free Download Full Version

Just click the free Corel VideoStudio Pro download button at the top left of the page. Clicking this link will start the installer to download Corel VideoStudio Pro free for Windows. Clicking this link will start the installer to download Corel VideoStudio Pro free for Windows. […]

How To Change Avatar On Playstation App

Sony’s PS4 is one of the most socially connected consoles available today. One way the PS4 does this is by tying your PS4’s XMB to your Twitter and Facebook profiles. […]

How To Determine Percent Change

I have a data frame with an ID column, a date column (12 months for each ID), and I have 23 numeric variables. I would like to obtain the percentage change by month within each ID. […]

How To Delete Roblox Account On Mac

To adjust Game Center settings on the Mac, select Account in the Settings menu of Game Center for Mac. This will bring up the settings interface with much of the same options as on your iOS device. This will bring up the settings interface with much of the same options as on your iOS device. […]

How To Change Router Password Windows 7

7/08/2013 · Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community, providing friendly help and advice for Microsoft Windows 7 Computers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. […]

How To Draw Chibi Foods

Foods. Merry Molang Christmas. Kawaii Drawings Cute Drawings Cute Christmas Backgrounds Christmas Desktop Wallpaper Christmas Photos Merry Christmas. Merry Molang Christmas! Jessica Roberts. iphone wallpaper. Kawaii Chibi Kawaii Art Kawaii Doodles Cute Illustration Cute Art Mignon Cute Food Drawings Kawaii Drawings Molang Cute Pets Cute Pictures. Cute Creations. Hannah … […]

How To Create An Hr Portfolio

/r/humanresources is the subreddit for human resources professionals. For information about what this entails, see the wiki article on the subject . If you are not a human resources professional , please post to /r/askHR instead. […]

How To Delete Cash Windows

Microsoft has installed new security features in Windows 10 as compared to its predecessors. But due to new features and applications, Windows 10 stores a lot amounts of cache to make the system faster. […]

How To Connect 5g Wifi On Laptop

12/10/2010 · Does the adapter automatically connect to the faster signal? When I open up my wireless connection manager for the adapter, it does not read the 5G part. My other computers can pick up the 5G signal, but i cant tell if this one is. I have already turned off the other internet port to prevent signal conflict. […]

How To Buy Us Stocks

Benefits of investing in shares. Shares are a popular investment in self managed super funds for many reasons: Inexpensive. A superannuation fund can buy and sell shares relatively cheaply. E.g. A fund wishes to gain exposure to the share market. It could buy an exchange traded fund for as little as a $20 fee or the largest 10 shares in the market for $200. Easily transferable. Most shares can […]

How To Change Center Line Pattern

Line options and patterns specify the appearance of particular lines in the plot. You can specify the appearance by using a style element or by specifying specific options. If you specify a style element, you can also specify options to override specific appearance attributes. […]

How To Clean Pellet Gun

Scotty, No, you don’t need to clean your barrel on your new Ruger Airhawk. Shoot 1,000 pellets through your new gun to break it in. The only time you really need to clean your barrel is when accuracy falls off. […]

How To Build A Strong Immune System Fast

Why do you need a healthy immune system? It is simple, because we want to live longer and have a happy life. A strong immune system guards the body from a number of diseases and destroys harmful bacteria, which keep attacking it. […]

How To Become The Best Photographer

With these helpful hints , steps , tips , and warnings , you will soon become the great photographer that people admire! Scroll down to learn. Scroll down to learn. Steps […]

How To Draw A Hedghog

Learn how to draw a cute hedgehog. Today’s how to draw step by step project is a cute hedgehog. This is one of my all time favourite projects and this little guy has even appeared in a magazine! […]

How To Draw Someone Swimming

Secondary drowning is a rare but potentially deadly phenomenon that can occur well after a person has gotten out of the water. Along with near drowning -- an instance in which a person almost suffocates -- secondary drowning is considered a post-immersion respiratory syndrome. […]

How To Change Facebook Email Username

Facebook’s not-so wanted changes are not over yet. Here’s one more such change that Facebook has made by removing everyone’s email address from profile (or Timeline) and replacing it with an email address without asking you. […]

How To Clean Blueberrybird Droppings On Fabric Chairs

24/06/2016 · Kitchen chairs go through a lot in their lifetime, with spills and mucky hands placed all over them. Here's how to clean a stained chair professionally and s... Here's how to clean a stained chair […]

How To Delete Files From Time Machine

21/11/2017 · Time Machine takes a snapshot of your system, which is an image of what your configuration status is at a point of time. Referring to these multiple snapshots, Time Machine backs up those files and folders which appear currently different from a previous backup. […]

How To Create Room In Messenger

In below, we take the Chat Room as an example and guide you how to use it to create a chat room. Login into your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins – > Add New, search for the Quick Chat, install and activate it. Then, you can see the Chat Rooms in the menu bar, click the Add New to create a new chat room. At present, the chat room is available for visitors and you can interact with them […]

How To Delete Retweets On Twitter Mac App

Remove the App, and reinstall it. To do that, tap and hold the Weather app icon until it wiggles, then tap the (X) icon to delete. Now go to To do that, tap and hold the Weather app icon until it wiggles, then tap the (X) icon to delete. […]

How To Achieve A Dewy Look

Jason Lloyd Evans / Alberta Ferretti SS16. How can I create that healthy, dewy glow without looking shiny? A healthy, natural-looking radiance is the holy grail of facial beauty. […]

How To Cook Rolled Barley Flakes

Barley cereal flakes look similar to rolled oats, and you would cook it just as you would oatmeal. Bring 2 cups of water to boil for every cup of barley flakes. Simmer for about 2 to 3 minutes, then remove from the heat and let it sit for another 2 to 3 minutes before serving. To improve the taste, cook the cereal with 1 or 2 tablespoons of chopped walnuts or almond flakes, a handful of […]

How To Begin A General Statement Of Cash Flows

A statement of cash flow is a summary of a firm’s cash receipts and cash payments during the period of time. A flow of funds statement is a summary of a firm’s changes in financial position from one period to another. It is also called sources and uses of funds statement or a statement of changes in financial position. Source of funds- -Sources and uses of cash. - Activities that bring in […]

Marvel How To Draw Books

Buy How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way by Stan Lee for $39.99 at Mighty Ape Australia. Stan Lee, the Mighty Man from Marvel, and John Buscema, active and adventuresome artist behind the Silver Surfer, Conan the Barbarian, the Mighty Thor... […]

How To Draw Foxy And Mangle

How To Draw Foxy Mangle Fnaf Easy Step By Step Drawing Download Songs How To Draw Foxy Mangle Fnaf Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial only for review course, Buy Cassette or CD / VCD original from the album How To Draw Foxy Mangle Fnaf Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial or use Personal Tone / I-RING / Ring Back Tone in […]

How To Create Video From Picture With Ffmpeg In Windows

5/08/2010 · So what I should be now looking for is a code which captures a frame from a video as picture. AM I CORRECT? OR IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY TO CREATE A THUMBNAIL FROM A VIDEO. I am using a windows player and not a flash player like most of the site like youtube, myspace, etc are having. So basicaly I will be converting any video format to windows format. (infact I am … […]

How To Add Citation In Google Scholar

Extracts publication title, most relevant web link, PDF link, number of citations, number of online versions, link to Google Scholar's article cluster for the work, Google Scholar's cluster of all works referencing the publication, and excerpt of content. […]

How To Call Switzerland From Australia

Whether you have an emergency call or just want to chat, Australia Direct Reverse Charge is the quick, easy and convenient way to call Australia from overseas. Simply dial the Australia Direct access number from the country you are visiting and follow the prompt to make a reverse charge call. • No payment required at time of call2 • Can help avoid problems with foreign currency and phone […]

How To Cook Beef Tenderloin Filet In Oven

3/04/2003 · Remove the beef from the oven, cover it tightly with aluminum foil, and allow it to rest at room temperature for 20 minutes. Remove the strings and slice the fillet thickly. Note: Be sure your oven … […]

How To Tell Sustainability Of A Change

The conclusions published by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) this week provide a wake-up call about the importance of teaching kids about sustainability. […]

How To Change A Bathroom Faucet Handle

Changing a bathroom-sink faucet is similar to fix a kitchen sink faucet. The main difference is that the assembly for a lavatory-sink faucet includes a pop-up assembly … […]

How To Clean A Keurig K Cup Coffee Maker

Put the "fun" into functional! The Keurig ® K-Select TM Coffee Maker’s results are fast and flavourful, with a fabulous array of colours to choose from including: Matte … […]

How To Add Page Numbers In Indesign Youtube

Manan Joshi, Adobe InDesign Developer and Print Workflow automation consultant Answered Oct 5, 2016 · Author has 117 answers and 114.5k answer views This is handled by media objects in Indesign, placing videos is no different from placing other files like pdf, you can use File>Place option to do it. […]

How To Close Internet Explorer When It Freezes

Internet Explorer is Microsoft Window's default Internet browser. If you use Internet Explorer you may experience issues where the browser freezes, hangs up and stops responding. Although many things can cause the browser to stop responding, if the problem persists there are a few troubleshooting techniques that you can use to fix the problem. Troubleshooting Internet Explorer may require you […]

How To Delete Big Cartel

Honestly one of my favorite Big Cartel stores around. This thing is pure sexiness. Absolutely love everything about it from the monochromatic color scheme, the way the products are featured on the front page to the way that this looks NOTHING like a standard Big Cartel store. A great example of how custom you can make a Big Cartel store. […]

How To Close Dialog Box In Microsoft Word 2013

3 Ways to Close a Dialog Box in Microsoft Word - wikiHow Start Word in Safe Mode. If you see a message that says Word is can't complete an action because a dialog box is open but you don’t see a dialog box, one of your Word add-ins may be causing a problem. […]

How To Connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard To Laptop

The keyboard works really well and I can control my laptop, phone and my tablet with 1 single keyboard. The feel of using it is great too. The feel of using it is great too. However after about 1/2 a year, the paint on the button start to fall off and now my space bar, A , S and E looks kinds of "different". […]

How To Connect Ooma To Router

That means if you have an Ooma VoIP system, for instance, you can only connect the Ooma to the router and nothing else (although another option would be to connect the Ooma to your broadband modem, but we explain why that may be messy in our Ooma Office review). […]

How To Detect Edge Browser In Javascript

If we can load it in an iframe and detect its presence (onload/onreadystatechange/whatever) to distinguish it between a default Edge 404 page, we are almost done. But unfortunately iframes refuse to load the ms-browser-extension: protocol. […]

How To Clean Window Squeegee

Window cleaning works best when we can place a dry squeegee onto dry glass and then move it across the wet area of the window. When we wet the frames, you will see what some describe as window crying, or water travelling out from the frames as you begin squeegeeing the window. […]

How To Pause Utorrent Download

The default settings of any torrent client will always gives you slow downloads because your client doesn’t know which type of connection you have. Every torrent client needs to be tweaked so as to increase the download speed. Today we will show you how to increase your torrent’s speed without using any any complex software, you’ll see the difference in downloading speed. […]

How To Change Pet Guild Wars 2

1. You will need Dunkoro and Tahlkora equipped with heals, resurrect, and vengeance (the spell). 2.You will also need to bring armor with superior runes (no vigor runes) this will let you have 1 hp with high DP (for those of u that don't know what DP stands for it neans Death Penlty). […]

How To Delete Pictures From Your Iphone

Launch the Photos app on your iOS device. Tap on the Photos tab, and make sure you are in the Moments view for deleting all photos from your device. OR Tap on Albums and open the album you want, for removing multiple images from that specific album. […]

How To Add Notes In Powerpoint

I am student and I'm trying to add notes to my power point lecture but the note font is way to small and wont change when i try to change the font and size of the font. […]

How To Add House From Mod To Sims 4

There is a difference between TS3 and TS4 when it comes to lots and/or houses. In TS3 you place a whole lot and are able to rotate it (if the empty lot is big enough) but you are not able to rotate the house … […]

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Girlfriend Through Text

Relationships are often longer lasting if you two already know each other very well, so if you don't know this girl too well, ask her out to the movies, or ask her to hangout when she gets back. That is okay to do over text. […]

How To Add An Admin To Your Facebook Page

Now just use their email address to add them as and admin or page manager. Don’t forget to confirm the change with your password. Don’t forget to confirm the change with your password. Update – 10/28/2013 […]

How To Change The Privacy Policy On Shopify

If you are using the “Authorize and Charge” option on Shopify to process your payment, you may notice that the payment will be automatically authorized and captured even though the … […]

How To Call Us Mobile Number From India

Also you can receive calls on your mobile phone (India Mobile phone or any country mobile phone or landline numbers anywhere in world including in India). US Number costs you INR 499 per month. US Number comes with 2 channels and unlimited free incoming calls when the calls were received on your laptop or ipad or smart mobile phone. Since you wanted to receive calls on your mobile phone a […]

How To Cut Dowel Rods

Should you choose to cut your own dowels, a here are a couple of tips to make your doweling easier: First, it is a good idea to chamfer the ends of the dowel to make insertion into the holes easier. Second, cut a small groove down the long axis of your dowel to provide a channel for the glue and air to escape. […]

How To Develop A Segmentation Strategy

Learning how to develop an effective market segmentation hypothesis is the first critical step to discovering your company's key competitive edge.|Learning how to develop an effective market segmentation hypothesis is the first critical step to discovering your company's key competitive edge. […]

How To Choose Corn On The Cob

Corn on the cob is one of the vegetables that I insist on picking through to find the best ones. It is so easy to get poor quality. Start by looking at the husks, which … […]

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