How To Ask How Are You

The verbal subtly of words like "friend" and phrases like, "How are you?" can be difficult to understand, but one of the challenges and the beauties of living abroad is embracing the peculiarities […]

How To Choose A Covariate In Ancova

Use analysis of covariance (ancova) This is easy to do in a spreadsheet; just click on one of the symbols and choose "Add Trendline" from the Chart menu. Similar tests . Another way to standardize one measurement variable by another is to take the ratio of the two. For example, let's say some neighborhood ruffians have been giving you the finger, and this inspires you to compare the middle […]

How To Create Gaming Bot

This page is for the Everquest 2 Ogre Adventure bot and Ogre Crafting bot. OgreBot is a fully customizable adventure bot. OgreCraft is an advanced crafting bot. OgreBot and OgreCraft are part of the ISXOgre extension. […]

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