How To Cook A Flat Iron Steak In A Pan

I have a couple of ~7 oz pieces of flat iron steak, and access to a cast iron grill pan, a non-stick steel frying pan, a gas grill (broiler to... […]

How To Add Account On Apple Mac Air

The Mac App Store should be preinstalled onto your MacBook Air. If it is not, I would call Apple Technical Support or go to your nearest Apple Store (by appointment) to see if they can fix the problem. […]

How To Build Communication Skills

Communication skills do decrease frustration, however, so it's important to work on building those skills over time. When they are infants, they need to hear your voice and how it changes as you talk. (I read entire novels to my daughter while nursing her!) When they're toddlers, it's time to work on building that vocabulary and improving conversational skills, and that starts with you. So […]

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